94% level 257 answers

We greet you! You are in the right place, where you will find all the answers to the game 94%. This page will help you find 94% level 257 answers, cheats and solutions very quickly. In this game, each level contains three sublevels, one of which is a question of the picture. At each level, you need to search for the right words or synonyms to collect the right amount of answers.

Sometimes the levels in the game go in different order, so the 257 level for one player may not coincide with the 257 level of the other player. In this case, we recommend that you go to the main page and find the answer you need. If during the game you can not find the right words, use the 94 percent level 257 answers and add this page to your favorites.

94 percent level 257 solutions

94% A device that is no longer used answers
Typewriter, Type writer, Typewriters, Type writers
VCR, VHS, VHS player, Vcr player, VHS tapes, VHS tape, VHS format
Walkman, Cassette player, Cassette, Cassette tape, Cassette tapes, Cassettes, Walkmen
Pager, Pagers
Record player, Record, Records, Record players
Telegraph, Telegram
Flip phone, Flip phones
Gameboy, Game boy

Floppy disk, Floppy disc, Diskette

94% A food you don't chew answers
Soup, Broth
Ice cream
Yogurt, Yoghurt
Pudding, Custard
Jello, Jelly, Jell-O
Applesauce, Apple sauce
Mashed potato, Mashed potatoes
Oatmeal, Porridge

Oyster, Oysters

94% level 257 image answers

94% level 257 image answers
Girl, Child
Pink, Pink sweater, Pink jumper
Earrings, Earring
Ears, Ear

Piercing, Pierce, Pierced

The game notes in the game can be changed in the next update, which means you can play the old version. In this case, just install the new version of the game 94%.

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