94% A way you can tell someone is lying answers

First of all, we are glad to see you on our site devoted to the answers and decisions on the game 94%. Only on this page you will find everything for the 94% A way you can tell someone is lying or the game 94 percent. This game is very popular on Android, iOS and Windows. Finding the right answers on the Internet is not easy, but now you do not have to worry about it. At the moment we have collected for you all the answers for the game 94%.

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94 percent A way you can tell someone is lying answers

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94% A way you can tell someone is lying answers
Eyes, No eye contact, Eye contact, Looking away, Look away, Blinking, Blink, Looking down, Look down, Avoid eye contact, Shifty eyes, Looks away, Avoiding eye contact, Eye, Eye twitch, Looking around, Wink, Eye movement, Lack of eye contact, Not looking, Their eyes, Won't look at you, Look left, Look to the left, Looking up, Look up, Avoids eye contact, Dont look at you, Won't look you in the eye, Darting eyes, Not making eye contact, They look away
Sweat, Sweating, Sweaty, Sweaty palms, Sweats, Sweaty hands

Smile, Smiling, Smirk, Smiles, Grin, They smile, Smirking, Grinning
Stutter, Stuttering, Studder, Stutters, Hesitation, Stammer, Studdering, Stammering, Hesitating
Fidget, Fidgeting, Shaking, Twitch, Twitching, Fidgety, Fiddling, Jittery, Twitchy
Voice, Tone, High voice, Speech, Tone of voice, Voice change, High pitch, Voice pitch, Voice tone, High pitched voice, Shaky voice, Voice changes
Laugh, Laughing, Laughter, They laugh, Giggle, Giggling, Laughs
Blush, Blushing, Red face, Red, Go red, Turn red, Red cheeks, Blushes

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